Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Sopranos

The following a review for The Sopranos (1999-2007).

The Sopranos tells the story of a fictional New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano as he deals with personal issues and business life in the mob. Widely regarded as the best drama to ever air on television, The Sopranos started is the pinnacle of television history.

The Sopranos not only gives us an interesting look at the inter-workings of a modern day mob, but it also gives us a great family drama. Tony seems like he could be anyone's dad, besides all the corruption and murder, of course. This family goes through all the real issues any family might go  through, ranging from their kids going through college, financial arguments, and martial problems. This makes it all the more believable for the audience.

 Sopranos death, Sopranos murderOne of the best things The Sopranos does is making us relate to these evil, dark human beings. While not always easy, we still feel for these characters through all of their horrific actions. Even when it's difficult, it's still riveting to watch.

While the writing and directing are as about as good as it gets, the performances stand out. The entire cast delivers top notch performances, including an absolute powerhouse portrayal by James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. It's an iconic performance that will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest lead performances to ever appear on television. For a man that died too young, his work and contribution will live on.

 Sopranos characters
Without The Sopranos, we wouldn't have the same level of T.V. greatness we do today. In 1999, there really wasn't much like it. It paved the way for other dramas by showing everybody that television can be every bit as good as the movies. Most of the other greats premiered after The Sopranos. Look it up. Today, we have some of the best talent in the world and major Hollywood stars working in T.V.

 Sopranos clubThe Sopranos deals with all the stress and dangers that come with the job. It's shocking, brutal, intense and darkly comedic. As a mob drama, it's just as fascinating and telling as Goodfellas and The Godfather, except on television. 

Set in the modern day, it also gives us an innovative look at how the mob world would work today. The Sopranos is always interesting and entertaining. It also deals with important themes of family, loyalty, trust, and betrayal. 

As a winner of countless awards and accolades, The Sopranos has definitely received the love and support it deserves. It's a television masterpiece and ranks as the greatest television show of all time... for now.

*Standout seasons include Season 2, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6B*

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  1. 'Just when I thought I was out,theyyy pull me back in'
    my favorite show of all time watched it 2 times all episodes.
    Check out Tony Soprano impression on youtube with 400,000 views it's hilarious.
    and nicely written review.