Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

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September 14th Update. 

1. 12 Years a Slave
 12 Years a Slave Best Picture, 12 Years a Slave Oscars
The festival buzz as been outstanding so far calling this the greatest film about slavery ever made. Due to the quality and subject matter, it's the clear frontrunner right now.

2. Gravity
 George Clooney Gravity Oscars, Gravity Best Picture
Word on Gravity has also been outstanding. However, Sci-Fi movies haven't done well with the academy in the past (in terms of winning) so I'm putting 12 years a Slave ahead of this for now.

3. American Hustle
 American Hustle cast, American Hustle Oscars, American Hustle Best Picture
We still haven't heard much on American Hustle yet, but it was my favorite to win before the festival circuit started. I'm still giving it a good chance for now based on all the talent involved.

4. Rush
 Rush movie, Rush best picture, Rush Oscars
Rush is the type of story the Academy loves. It looks like this can bring Ron Howard back into the Oscar race. I think it will be a big hit.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
 The Wolf of Wall Street Best Picture, The Wolf of Wall street Oscars, The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio Predictions
Two words: Martin Scorsese. The man hasn't made a bad film yet. He's one of the best film makers of all time and his films always garner a lot of attention. If successful, I expect The Wolf of Wall street to be a player.

6. The Monuments Men
Monuments Men Oscars, The Monuments Men Best Picture, The Monuments Men cast
The Monuments Men also has everything going for it. It's a historical true story with a ton of talent involved including several previous Oscar winners. My only worry is that it seems too similar to last years winner, Argo, to be a true force in the race.

7. Inside Lleywn Davis
 Inside Lleywn Davis Oscars, Inside Lleywn Davis Coens Best Picture
Similar to Scorsese, the Academy loves the Coens. They have had 4 previous films nominated for Best Picture. With the great reviews, I expect Inside Llewyn Davis to be their 5th. 

8. Captain Phillips
 Captain Phillips Best Picture, Captain Phillips Oscars

Captain Phillips is another amazing true story highlighted by a terrific performance by Tom Hanks. It could turn out to be more of a box office thriller than a major Oscar player though. We'll have to wait and see. 

9. August: Osage County
 August: Osage County Best Picture, August: Osage County Oscars

With the terrific cast and The Weinsteins behind it, I'm expecting it to grab a spot. Though it could miss out here, and just receive some love for the performances.

10. Fruitvale Station
 Fruitvale Station Oscars, Fruitvale Station awards

This is tricky. There are a lot of contenders for this spot. Fruitvale Station is a devastating true story that has received amazing reviews (94% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Other Possibilities

11. Saving Mr. Banks

12. Her

13. Foxcatcher

14. The Butler

15. Dallas Buyers Club

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