Friday, November 28, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

1. Boyhood
 Boyhood Oscar Predictions

2. Unbroken
 Unbroken 2014, Unbroken Angelina Jolie, Unbroken Oscar Predictions

3. The Imitation Game
 The Imitation Game, The Imitation Game Oscar Predictions

4. Birdman
 Birdman movie, Birdman Oscar Predictions

5. Selma
 Selma MLK, Selma Oscar Predictions

6. Whiplash
 Whiplash 2014, Whiplash movie, Whiplash Miles Teller, Whiplash Oscar Predictions

7. Interstellar
 Christopher Nolan Interstellar, Interstellar Oscar Predictions, Best Picture 2014

8. The Theory of Everything
 The Theory of Everything movie, The Theory of Everything Oscar Predictions

9. American Sniper
 American Sniper Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper, American Sniper Oscar Predictions

10. Foxcatcher
 Foxcatcher, Foxcatcher 2014, Foxcatcher Oscar Predictions

Other Contenders

11. Gone Girl

12. Into the Woods

13. A Most Violent Year

14. Still Alice

15. Wild

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Director

1. Angelina Jolie - Unbroken
 Angelina Jolie Unbroken Oscar Predictions, Unbroken behind the scenes

2. Richard Linklater - Boyhood
 Richard linklater Boyhood, Richard Linklater Oscar Predictions, Boyhood behind the scenes

3. Alejandro González Iñárritu - Birdman
 Alejandro González Iñárritu Birdman, Birdman behind the scenes, Birdman Oscar Predictions

4. Christopher Nolan - Interstellar
 Christopher Nolan Interstellar, Christopher Nolan Interstellar Oscar Predictions, Interstellar behind the scenes

5. Morten Tyldum - The Imitation Game
 Morten Tyldum Imitation Game Oscar Predictions

Other Contenders

6. Clint Eastwood - American Sniper

7. Ava DuVernay - Selma

8. Damien Chazelle - Whiplash

9. David Fincher - Gone Girl

10. Bennett Miller - Foxcatcher

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

1. Benedict Cumberbatch - The Imitation Game
 Imitation-Game Benedict Cumberbatch Oscar Predictions

2. Michael Keaton - Birdman
 Michael Keaton Birdman, Michael Keaton Birdman Oscar Predictions

3. Eddie Redmayne - The Theory of Everything
 Eddie Redmayne The Theory of Everything Oscar Predictions

4. David Oyelowo - Selma
 David Oyelowo Selma Oscar Predictions

5. Steve Carell - Foxcatcher
 photo foxcatcherstevecarell_zps09f3b9b0.jpg  

Other Contenders

6. Bradley Cooper - American Sniper

7. Jack O'Connell - Unbroken

8. Matthew McConaughey - Interstellar

9. Timothy Spall - Mr. Turner

10. Joaquin Phoenix - Inherent Vice

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

1. Julianne Moore - Still Alice
Julianne Moore Still Alice Oscar Predictions

2. Reese Witherspoon - Wild
 Reese Witherspoon Wild

3. Amy Adams - Big Eyes
 Amy Adams Big Eyes Oscar Predictions

4. Rosamund Pike - Gone Girl
 Rosamund Pike Gone Girl Oscar Predictions, Gone Girl still

5. Felicity Jones - The Theory of Everything
 Felicity Jones The Theory of Everything Oscar Predictions

Other Possibilities

6. Hilary Swank - The Homesman

7. Emily Blunt - Into the Woods

8. Marion Cotillard - Two Days, One Night

9. ShaileneWoodley - The Fault in Our Stars

10. Anne Hathaway - Interstellar

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

1. Patricia Arquette - Boyhood
  Patricia Arquette Boyhood, Patricia Arquette Boyhood Oscar Predictions

2. Keira Knightley - The Imitation Game
 Keira Knightley The Imitation Game, Keira Knightley Oscar Predictions

3. Emma Stone - Birdman
 Emma Stone Birdman, Emma Stone Birdman Oscar Predictions

4. Laura Dern - Wild
 Laura Dern Wild

5. Jessica Chastain - A Most Violent Year
 Jessica Chastain A Most Violent Year Oscar Predictions

Other Contenders

6. Meryl Streep- Into the Woods

7. Kristin Stewart- Still Alice

8. Carmen Ejogo - Selma

9. Katherine Waterston - Inherent Vice

10. Carrie Coon- Gone Girl

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

1. J.K. Simmons - Whiplash
 J.K. Simmons Whiplash, J.K. Simmons Whiplash stills, J.K. Simmons Whiplash Oscar Predictions Best Supporting Actor

2. Edward Norton - Birdman
 Edward Norton Best Supporting Actor Oscar Predictions, Edward Norton Birdman Stills

3. Mark Ruffalo - Foxcatcher
 Mark Ruffalo Foxcatcher Oscar Predictions, Mark Ruffalo Foxcatcher stills

4. Ethan Hawke - Boyhood
 Ethan Hawke Boyhood Oscar Predictions, Ethan Hawke stills Boyhood

5. Josh Brolin - Inherent Vice
 photo INHERENT_VICE_zps8e4ab0de.jpg

Other Contenders

6. Tom Wilkinson - Selma

7. Christoph Waltz - Big Eyes

8. Matthew Goode - The Imitation Game

9. Logan Lerman - Fury

10. Joel Edgerton - Exodus: Gods and Kings