Saturday, June 21, 2014

Emmy Predictions: Best Actress (Drama)

Last year, there were seven nominees for best actress, so this category is hard to predict. I'd be surprised if Danes wins 3 consecutive Emmys for Homeland, especially in a down season for the show. Masters of Sex seems like it will get a lot of notice, so I'm thinking Caplan sneaks in for a well deserved nomination.

1. Robin Wright- House of Cards
Robin Wright House of Cards, Netflix House of Cards

2. Claire Danes- Homeland
 Claire Danes Homeland, Homeland emmy predictions

3. Julianna Margulies- The Good Wife
Julianna Margulies The Good Wife

4. Kerry Washington- Scandal
 Kerry Washington Scandal, Kerry Washington Scandal Emmys

5. Elizabeth Moss- Mad Men
 Elizabeth Moss Mad Men, Elizabeth Moss Mad Men season 7, Emmy predictions

6. Lizzy Caplan- Masters of Sex
 Lizzy Caplan Masters of Sex, Lizzy Caplan hot, Masters of Sex award predictions

Other Contenders

7. Tatiana Maslany- Orphan Black

8. Michelle Dockery- Downton Abbey

9. Keri Russell- The Americans

10. Vera Farmiga- Bates Motel

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