Monday, June 23, 2014

Emmy Predictions: Best Actor (Drama)

This category is always stacked. But the inclusion of True Detective in Drama Series (as opposed to mini-series) really shakes things up. McConaughey could challenge Cranston for the win. It will be interesting to see what happens with Harrelson. He deserves a nod, but I'm not sure if they'll reward two from the same show in such a great year.

1. Matthew McConaughey- True Detective
  Mcconaughey True Detective

2. Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad
 Bryan Cranston Walter White, Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad best show award predictions

3. Kevin Spacey- House of Cards
 Kevin Spacey House of Cards, House of Cards season 2

4. Jon Hamm- Mad Men
 Mad Men final season, Jon Hamm Mad Men, Jon Hamm Don Draper

5. Woody Harrelson- True Detective
Woody Harrelson True Detective

6. Michael Sheen- Masters of Sex
 Masters of Sex Michael Sheen

Other Contenders

7. James Spader- The Blacklist

8. Jeff Daniels- The Newsroom

9. Matthew Rhys- The Americans

10. Damian Lewis- Homeland

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