Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

November 24th Update.


There's 3 newcomers to the top 10. The Top 2 remain the same, and I expect it to come down to one of them at the end.

1. 12 Years a Slave
 12 Years a Slave Best Picture, 12 Years a Slave Oscars
The reviews have been outstanding so far calling this the greatest film about slavery ever made. Due to the quality and subject matter, it's the clear frontrunner right now. It's between this and Gravity right now. (Previously #1)

2. Gravity
 George Clooney Gravity Oscars, Gravity Best Picture
Gravity was a major hit and one of the highest grossing films of the year. However, Sci-Fi movies haven't done well with the academy in the past (in terms of winning) so I'm putting 12 years a Slave ahead for now. (Previously #2)

3. Captain Phillips
 photo captain-phillips-movie-review-tom-hanks_zpsddc084a6.jpg
Captain Phillips is another amazing true story highlighted by a terrific performance by Tom Hanks.With the great reviews and box office performance, it moves up a few stops as an almost lock for a nomination. (Previously #8)

4. American Hustle
 American Hustle cast, American Hustle Oscars, American Hustle Best Picture
David O. Russell's last 2 films have gotten Best Picture nominations. He's on a row and I don't expect that streak to stop here. American Hustle looks like a winner. (Previously #4)

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
 The Wolf of Wall Street Best Picture, The Wolf of Wall street Oscars, The Wolf of Wall Street Oscar Predictions
Two words: Martin Scorsese. He hasn't made a bad film yet. He's one of the best film makers of all time and his films always garner a lot of attention. I expect The Wolf of Wall Street to be a player. (Previously #5)

6. Inside Lleywn Davis
 Inside Lleywn Davis Oscars, Inside Lleywn Davis Coens Best Picture
Similar to Scorsese, the Academy loves the Coens. They have had 4 previous films nominated for Best Picture. With the great reviews, I expect Inside Llewyn Davis to be their 5th. (Previously #7)

7. August: Osage County
 photo august-osage-county-ms-kb-01-600-370_zpsab1342c2.jpg
August Osage County has a terrific cast and is sure to receive a lot of notice come award time. Having the Weinsteins behind it doesn't hurt either. (Previously #8)

8. Dallas Buyers Club
 photo DallasBuyers_zpsa90c8ad1.jpg
Dallas Buyers Club has received terrific reviews so far. With major contenders at Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, it should receive enough attention to secure a Best Picture nomination.(Previously #15)

9. Nebraska
 photo nebraska-movie1_zps71ffbba0.jpg
Another film with stellar reviews, Nebraska joins the top 10.  Alexander's Payne's previous film, The Descendants, was a hit with the Academy, so he has a track record. (Previously unranked)

10. Saving Mr. Banks
 photo tom-hanks-is-walt-disney-in-the-first-trailer-for-saving-mr-banks_zpsc6c4aa7c.jpg
Saving Mr. Banks is the one I'm most unsure about. It looks extremely Academy friendly. But In an extremely strong year, it could miss out.  (Previously #11)

Other Possibilities

11. Her (Previously #12)

12. Rush (Previously #4)

13. The Butler (Previously #14)

14. Labor Day (Previously unranked)

15. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Previously unranked)

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