Friday, November 22, 2013

Oscar Predictions: Best Director

November 22nd Update.

With Monuments Men being pushed back to 2014, we have a few newcomers in the Top 10. With Rush failing to make an impact with American Audiences, Ron Howard falls out of the Top 5.

1. Steve McQueen- 12 Years a Slave
 Steve McQueen behind the scenes, 12 Years a Slave Oscar Predictions, Best Director Oscars
12 Years a Slave is being called the best movie about slavery ever made. McQueen missed out for Shame, but this film is too powerful to ignore. (Previously #1)

2. Alfonso Cuaron- Gravity

Gravity is a visual masterpiece and many reviews are comparing it to 2001: A Space Oddessy. He's a lock. It's between McQueen and Cuaron at this point. I have him 2nd right now because the Academy hasn't shown much love for Sci-Fi films in the past. (Previously #2)

3. Paul Greengrass- Captain Phillips
 Paul Greengrass Oscar Predictions, Captain Phillips Oscar Predictions
Captain Phillips was a big hit and looks to be a serious Oscar contender. Greengrass joins the Top 5 looking for his first nomination since United 93 in 2006.

4. David O. Russell- American Hustle
American Hustle cast, American Hustle behind the scenes, David O. Russell American Hustle Oscars
This is where things get interesting. Russel has been nominated for his last 2 films. If American Hustle is a hit, it could be 3 in a row. (Previously #3)

5. Martin Scorsese- The Wolf of Wall Street
 Martin Scorsese Oscar Wolf of Wall Street, Wolf of Wall Street behind the scenes, Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street, Wolf of Wall Street Oscar Predictions
Scorsese is one of the best directors of all time. He's already been nominated in this category 7 times. He needs to be considered for every movie he makes. I wouldn't count him out. (Previously #5)

Other Possibilities

6. Joel and Ethan Coen- Inside Lleywn Davis (Previously #7)

7. Ron Howard- Rush (Previously #4)

8. Alexander Payne- Nebraska (Previously unranked)

9. Spike Jonze- Her (Previously #9)

10. John Lee Hancock- Saving Mr. Banks (Previously unranked)

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