Monday, March 24, 2014

Actresses That Deserve Better Careers

By "better" I mean in terms of more popularity, better roles/movies, or more recognition/respect awards wise. It might not have worked out because of some of their choices or they haven't been given enough opportunities. Feel free to add your own to the list. The pictures highlight their best performances.


1. Viola Davis
 Viola Davis The Help, Actresses that deserve better careers Viola Davis, Viola Davis Get on Up
A great actresses who doesn't seem to be getting many good opportunities. A lot of people seem to be predicting her for "Get On Up" in 2014 though.

2. Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson Almost Famous, Kate Hudson actresses that deserves a better career, Kate Hudson Hot
Everyone knows her story. She was fantastic in Almost Famous, but seemed content with just doing romantic comedies after that. I'd like to see her at least attempt some more dramatic roles.

3. Neve Campbell
 Neve Campbell Scream, Neve Campbell Scream Queen, Neve Campbell movies, Neve Campbell deserves a better career
She's great in the Scream series. It never seemed like she wanted to become a big star, but she deserves better than just guest starring on T.V. shows now.

4. Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder Career, Winona Ryder Little Women
She was one of the biggest stars of the 1990s, also racking up 2 Oscar nominations in that time. Then in one fell swoop her career is stopped dead in its tracks for a minor crime. She never seemed to get back on track after that.

5. Evan Rachel Wood
 Evan Rachel Wood actresses that deserve better careers, Evan Rachel Wood hot, Evan Rachel Wood Across the Universe, Actresses that deserve better careers
I think she has a ton of potential but hasn't gotten the right parts yet. She's amazing in Thirteen, Mildred Pierce, and Across the Universe. I also loved her in The Wrestler.

6. Linda Cardellini
 Linda Cardellini Freaks and Geeks, Lindsey Freaks and Geeks
She was the star and MVP of Freaks and Geeks, yet her co-stars Jason Segal, James Franco, and Seth Rogen went on to become much bigger stars. She hasn't really done anything since besides a few TV Guest appearances.

7. Ellen Page
 Ellen Page Juno, Ellen Page gay, Actresses that Deserve better Careers
She's great in Juno, which earned her an Oscar nomination. But she hasn't really been heard from since. I almost forgot about her until the story of her coming out, well, came out.

8. Marissa Tomei
 Marissa Tomei career, Marissa Tomei Oscar, Marissa Tomei My Cousin Vinny
While she may have one of the best careers of the actresses on this list, I still don't think she gets the respect she deserves. The backlash/controversy over her 1992 Oscar win may have something to do with it.

9. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
 Mary Elizabeth Winstead hot, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Smashed
She definitely has the talent (see Smashed and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), but it's a shame that she's not getting bigger roles after her outstanding performances in those films.

10. Rachel McAdams
 The Notebook boat scene, The Notebook Rachel McAdams, Actresses that Deserve better careers, Rachel McAdams hot
After her huge years in 2004-2005 (Mean Girls, The Notebook, Red Eye, Wedding Crashers), it seemed like she was destined to become a star. She's got the talent for more respectable roles, but she seems fine with minor romantic comedies (The Time Traveler's Wife, The Vow, About Time).

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