Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

January 2nd Update.

Best Actor is easily the most stacked category this year. Each of these 10 contenders have strong cases to be nominated. So I wouldn't be surprised to see any of them sneak in. Bale has the Globe and BFCA, Whitaker has the SAG. Phoenix has the Globe and DiCaprio has the Globe (his film wasn't screened for SAG in time, which makes this more complicated). It's going to be an interesting race.

1. Chiwetal Ejiofor- 12 Years a Slave
 Chiwetal Ejiofor 12 Years a Slave, Steve McQueen 12 Years a Slave
12 Years a Slave is the frontrunner and he carries the film. Ejiofor both have received outstanding reviews so far. After dominating the critics circle, it would be a surprise if he didn't win at this point. (Previously #3)

2. Matthew McConaughey- Dallas Buyers Club
 Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey Oscar
McConaughey has been on a roll lately. He lost 40 pounds for the role of an AIDs patient in Dallas Buyers Club. It's an Academy friendly story and powerhouse performance that will be rewarded. McConaughey is a lock for his 1st nomination. (Previously #2)

3. Tom Hanks- Captain Phillips 
 Tom Hanks Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks Captain Phillips Oscar
Hanks looks safe after receiving nods for each of the major precursors (SAG, Globe, BFCA). The big question was if he was also going to be nominated for Saving Mr. Banks. After the tremendous support for Captain Phillips, I feel more confident predicting him here. (Previously #4)

4. Bruce Dern- Nebraska
 photo nebraska_0_zpsd668772e.jpg
The love for Nebraska has been strong so Dern looks pretty safe right now. He's received nods for all of the major precursors so far. This category is extremely strong, so anything can happen. (Previously #6)

5. Robert Redford- All is Lost
 Robert Redford All is Lost
This is where it gets interesting. Seemingly we have 4 strong contenders fighting for this spot with Phoenix as a dark horse. The lack of SAG nod for Redford is really surprising, but I can still see the Academy nominating him. I wouldn't be surprised with any of the other 5 possibilities getting in somewhere though. (Previously #3)

Other Possibilities

6. Forrest Whitaker- The Butler (Previously #10)

7. Leonardo DiCaprio- The Wolf of Wall Street (Previously #5)

8. Christain Bale- American Hustle (Previously #7)

9. Joaquin Phoenix- Her (Previously #8)

10. Oscar Issaac- Inside Llewn Davis (Previously unranked)

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